Trading And Investing

Stock trading and investing guides covering stock brokers, software, mutual funds, options trading, ETF trading and information about investing in ETFs.

ETF Trading

ETF is a short abbreviation for “exchange traded fund”. It commonly operates in just the same way as buying into a stock, yet can represent a stock index or commodity amongst other things. They can allow you to get trading indexes using the a method of buying stocks that you are familiar with. Some of the most popular ETF trading strategies focus on Gold ETFs or Oil ETFs, but you will find there many reasons why different kinds can benefit your portfolio and lifestyle..
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Stock Trading

Stock trading or investing is the most common method known for buying into a company share. A share of a company represents 1 unit of it’s capital value. Looking for companies that offer good dividend or great growth potential are just some of the things which stock trading entails. To get the best from stock investing it is wise to understand and use stock software or technical analysis to compliment any fundamental reasearch you have done.
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Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are commonly used by those who do not have time to research their own investments but wish to benefit from investing in a certain sector or area, fully managed by a mutual fund manager. Whilst this is mostly the way they are used there are other reasons to add mutual funds into your portfolio like to balance risk. However usually mutual funds come wih high running costs because of their managed nature. Investing in mutual funds can hold less risk, but also less gains compared to stock trading.
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Options Trading

Usually options trading is perceived as risky and complicated. At first it certainly seems that way, but as you start to understand how you’re only agreeing in principle to buy or sell a stock on a future date at a certain price, options trading starts to become more clear. They’re used in many ways from hedging risk on other investments to speculation. There are also newer ways to get into options trading like Binary Options, which are fast moving, short expiry options. These methods are not for everyone and do hold high risk, so there is a need to understand them properly before trading.
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