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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Merck 61.065 green arrow 2.31%
Intel 34.475 green arrow 1.29%
Pfizer 34.805 green arrow 1.05%
Exxon Mobil 85.38 green arrow 0.27%
Cisco Sys 29.375 green arrow 0.03%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Alcoa 12.505 red arrow -1.30%
Procter & Gamble 78.495 red arrow -1.10%
Boeing 140.82 red arrow -1.05%
International Business Ma ... 169.88 red arrow -1.04%
General Electric 27.305 red arrow -1.03%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Altera 48.86 green arrow 4.08%
Sirius Xm Radio 3.855 green arrow 1.31%
Intel 34.475 green arrow 1.29%
Ebay 61.335 green arrow 1.26%
Broadcom 56.91 green arrow 1.23%
Maxim Integrated Prods 35.095 green arrow 1.07%
Infosys Technologies Ltd ... 31.85 green arrow 0.98%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals 128.44 green arrow 0.78%
Amazon 429.75 green arrow 0.71%
Microchip Technology 49.19 green arrow 0.57%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Life Technologies 22.95 red arrow -4.41%
Sears Hldgs 43.03 red arrow -2.78%
Fastenal 41.545 red arrow -2.41%
Paccar 63.68 red arrow -2.26%
WHOLE FOODS MKT 41.295 red arrow -2.21%
Wynn Resorts Ltd 100.71 red arrow -2.20%
Express Scripts 87.29 red arrow -2.17%
Green Mtn Coffee Roasters 86.32 red arrow -2.13%
First Solar 49.74 red arrow -2.11%
Activision Blizzard 25.265 red arrow -1.79%

Penny Stocks Up

Comstock Homebuilding 0.60 green arrow 17.65%
TANZANIAN ROYALTY EXPL 0.3155 green arrow 14.94%
Authentidate Hldg 0.22 green arrow 12.82%
Golden Minerals 0.445 green arrow 10.45%
Blonder Tongue Labs 0.7701 green arrow 10.14%

Penny Stocks Down

Imris 0.0422 red arrow -18.69%
Opexa Therapeutics Wt Exp ... 0.2003 red arrow -16.54%
Tigerlogic Corporation 0.382 red arrow -15.11%
Minco Gold Corporation 0.25 red arrow -12.28%
Cytori Therapeutics 0.661 red arrow -9.70%

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