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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Intel 34.00 green arrow 4.45%
Alcoa 16.755 green arrow 3.20%
Chevron 120.09 green arrow 2.53%
Exxon Mobil 96.71 green arrow 2.35%
Du Pont E I De Nemours 69.15 green arrow 2.22%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Wal Mart Stores 76.25 red arrow -0.18%
International Business Ma ... 164.24 red arrow -0.04%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Marvell Technology Group ... 13.435 green arrow 5.79%
Priceline 1,206.14 green arrow 5.16%
Expedia 84.965 green arrow 5.14%
First Solar 58.88 green arrow 4.97%
Microchip Technology 43.11 green arrow 4.92%
Nvidia 19.54 green arrow 4.55%
Seagate Technology Plc Sh ... 62.825 green arrow 4.48%
Intel 34.00 green arrow 4.45%
Flextronics Intl Ltd Ord 10.71 green arrow 4.44%
Sandisk 94.03 green arrow 4.07%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Sears Hldgs 34.85 red arrow -4.94%
Starbucks 75.51 red arrow -2.32%
Gilead Sciences 111.89 red arrow -1.95%
Qiagen N V Ord 23.46 red arrow -0.87%
Alexion Pharmaceuticals 191.60 red arrow -0.69%
Illumina 192.37 red arrow -0.39%
Urban Outfitters 30.35 red arrow -0.33%
Ross Stores 80.72 red arrow -0.19%
Schein Henry 119.99 red arrow -0.12%
News 15.47 red arrow -0.10%

Penny Stocks Up

SILVER BULL RES 0.17 green arrow 22.66%
Oncolytics Biotech 0.995 green arrow 22.03%
Genetic Technologies Ltd ... 0.51 green arrow 15.91%
Quicksilver Resources 0.55 green arrow 12.24%
Searchmedia Holdings Ltd ... 0.63 green arrow 10.53%

Penny Stocks Down

Porter Bancorp 0.716 red arrow -19.55%
Minco Gold Corporation 0.3099 red arrow -16.24%
Sonde Res 0.0646 red arrow -15.89%
Point 360 0.33 red arrow -15.60%
Entree Gold 0.21 red arrow -12.50%

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