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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Alcoa 16.36 green arrow 4.30%
Intel 32.59 green arrow 3.30%
Chevron 114.93 green arrow 3.16%
Cisco Sys 23.495 green arrow 2.73%
Hewlett Packard 34.70 green arrow 2.60%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Coca Cola 40.64 red arrow -5.90%
International Business Ma ... 163.02 red arrow -3.51%
Mcdonalds 90.775 red arrow -0.74%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Illumina 179.49 green arrow 9.14%
Symantec 23.675 green arrow 5.20%
Sandisk 88.64 green arrow 5.01%
Micron Technology 31.15 green arrow 4.90%
Amgen 143.93 green arrow 4.71%
Biogen Idec 325.83 green arrow 4.63%
Nvidia 18.32 green arrow 4.24%
Apollo Group 26.86 green arrow 4.23%
Gilead Sciences 106.47 green arrow 4.09%
Expedia 80.29 green arrow 4.04%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Starbucks 74.22 red arrow -0.63%
Sears Hldgs 34.76 red arrow -0.63%
Urban Outfitters 30.22 red arrow -0.08%

Penny Stocks Up

Freeseas Shs 0.2237 green arrow 27.83%
Quicksilver Resources 0.71 green arrow 24.17%
India Globalization Cap 0.81 green arrow 22.73%
Sutor Tech Group Ltd 0.5501 green arrow 17.04%
Samson Oil & Gas Ltd Spon ... 0.3401 green arrow 14.51%

Penny Stocks Down

Entertainment Gaming Asia 0.5111 red arrow -29.01%
MEDGENICS WT EXP 033116 0.99 red arrow -17.50%
Cel-sci 0.6901 red arrow -16.86%
Delia's 0.1435 red arrow -10.31%
Postrock Energy 0.785 red arrow -10.10%

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