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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Hewlett Packard 36.10 red arrow -4.29%
Microsoft 40.37 red arrow -3.79%
Intel 33.015 red arrow -3.35%
Cisco Sys 26.34 red arrow -3.16%
Wal Mart Stores 84.93 red arrow -3.14%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Amazon 354.66 green arrow 13.63%
Biogen Idec 389.01 green arrow 10.36%
Google 536.10 green arrow 5.09%
Broadcom 42.38 green arrow 2.69%
Marvell Technology Group ... 15.465 green arrow 1.74%
Costco Whsl 142.60 green arrow 1.42%
Dollar Tree 71.08 green arrow 1.34%
Yahoo 43.94 green arrow 0.65%
Activision Blizzard 20.885 green arrow 0.63%
Gilead Sciences 104.61 green arrow 0.58%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Paccar 60.10 red arrow -6.11%
Green Mtn Coffee Roasters 122.41 red arrow -4.31%
Lam Research 76.49 red arrow -4.08%
Seagate Technology Plc Sh ... 56.35 red arrow -3.90%
Apollo Group 25.275 red arrow -3.86%
Microsoft 40.37 red arrow -3.79%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals 110.10 red arrow -3.43%
Applied Matls 22.805 red arrow -3.41%
Intel 33.015 red arrow -3.35%
Wynn Resorts Ltd 147.79 red arrow -3.30%

Penny Stocks Up

Cormedix Wt Exp 032415 0.48 green arrow 26.32%
China Housing & Land Dev 0.50 green arrow 19.05%
Vantage Drilling Company ... 0.3837 green arrow 12.75%
Imris 0.99 green arrow 12.50%
Freeseas Shs 0.0822 green arrow 11.84%

Penny Stocks Down

General Employment Enterp ... 0.6811 red arrow -14.86%
Molycorp 0.3334 red arrow -14.51%
QUEST RARE MINERALS LTD C ... 0.0806 red arrow -13.33%
Cache 0.0451 red arrow -11.57%
Platinum Group Metals Ltd 0.4796 red arrow -11.38%

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