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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Johnson & Johnson 149.24 green arrow 1.50%
Goldman Sachs Group 195.70 green arrow 0.47%
Jpmorgan Chase 98.56 green arrow 0.21%
Procter & Gamble 137.36 green arrow 0.06%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Boeing 161.38 red arrow -3.61%
Du Pont E I De Nemours 59.30 red arrow -2.40%
General Electric 6.885 red arrow -2.06%
Cisco Sys 39.58 red arrow -1.84%
Home Depot 274.82 red arrow -1.73%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

News 15.70 green arrow 3.15%
Altera 41.59 green arrow 2.36%
Life Technologies 4.295 green arrow 2.26%
Teva Pharmaceutical Inds ... 9.48 green arrow 2.05%
Akamai Technologies 108.83 green arrow 1.93%
Activision Blizzard 79.91 green arrow 1.31%
Qiagen N V Ord 50.36 green arrow 0.80%
Verisign 204.36 green arrow 0.45%
Lam Research 306.35 green arrow 0.36%
Stericycle 63.07 green arrow 0.27%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Intuitive Surgical 653.10 red arrow -4.15%
Qualcomm 110.87 red arrow -3.33%
Urban Outfitters 21.88 red arrow -3.23%
Google 1,447.38 red arrow -3.22%
First Solar 61.87 red arrow -3.21%
Schein Henry 60.79 red arrow -3.17%
Dentsply Intl 46.27 red arrow -2.90%
Expedia 94.04 red arrow -2.78%
Mylan 15.70 red arrow -2.73%
Intuit 298.87 red arrow -2.60%

Penny Stocks Up

Charles & Colvard Ltd 0.90 green arrow 9.78%
Emerson Radio 0.709 green arrow 7.41%
Fuel Tech 0.749 green arrow 7.03%
Globe Specialty Metals 0.7534 green arrow 6.87%
Seanergy Maritime Hldgs S ... 0.4537 green arrow 6.35%

Penny Stocks Down

Isoray 0.609 red arrow -21.93%
Oasis Pete 0.4506 red arrow -15.16%
Mechel Oao Spon Adr Pfd 0.436 red arrow -7.92%
Acorda Therapeutics 0.5352 red arrow -7.77%
Hallador Energy Company 0.7206 red arrow -7.67%

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