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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

United Technologies 129.44 green arrow 1.71%
Disney Walt Co Disney 109.94 green arrow 1.58%
Wal Mart Stores 87.72 green arrow 1.56%
Boeing 350.96 green arrow 1.50%
Microsoft 105.46 green arrow 1.32%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Cisco Sys 41.765 red arrow -4.15%
At&t 31.615 red arrow -1.79%
Johnson & Johnson 125.77 red arrow -1.54%
Bank Of America Corporati ... 28.50 red arrow -0.92%
American Express 100.42 red arrow -0.69%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Paccar 63.42 green arrow 2.75%
Starbucks 51.55 green arrow 2.59%
Adobe Sys 258.79 green arrow 1.61%
Micron Technology 56.305 green arrow 1.56%
Vertex Pharmaceuticals 180.80 green arrow 1.41%
Microsoft 105.46 green arrow 1.32%
Nii Hldgs Cl B 4.15 green arrow 1.22%
Mylan 36.585 green arrow 1.12%
Dollar Tree 86.67 green arrow 1.11%
Applied Matls 46.13 green arrow 1.10%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Mattel 16.46 red arrow -4.33%
Netflix 396.28 red arrow -4.19%
Cisco Sys 41.765 red arrow -4.15%
Life Technologies 0.9331 red arrow -3.80%
Infosys Technologies Ltd ... 19.42 red arrow -2.85%
Sears Hldgs 2.26 red arrow -2.80%
Cognizant Technology Solu ... 81.70 red arrow -1.73%
Teva Pharmaceutical Inds ... 23.355 red arrow -1.58%
Baidu Spon Adr Rep A 267.25 red arrow -1.57%
Marvell Technology Group ... 21.82 red arrow -1.22%

Penny Stocks Up

Ishares Diversified Altr ... 0.52 green arrow 14.06%
TANZANIAN ROYALTY EXPL 0.4912 green arrow 9.13%
Golden Minerals 0.309 green arrow 7.33%
Cormedix 0.2769 green arrow 6.05%
Uqm Technologies 0.9899 green arrow 3.09%

Penny Stocks Down

HELIOS & MATHESON INFORMA ... 0.15 red arrow -18.83%
Parker Drilling 0.3601 red arrow -15.69%
Bank Of America Corporati ... 0.58 red arrow -7.95%
Intellipharmaceutics Intl 0.5001 red arrow -7.39%
Vermillion 0.63 red arrow -7.33%

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