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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Microsoft 47.405 green arrow 1.53%
Verizon Communications 50.365 green arrow 1.35%
Mcdonalds 94.40 green arrow 1.03%
Johnson & Johnson 108.31 green arrow 0.98%
Wal Mart Stores 76.96 green arrow 0.94%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Caterpillar 102.54 red arrow -1.75%
Intel 34.885 red arrow -0.71%
Hewlett Packard 36.82 red arrow -0.50%
Pfizer 30.435 red arrow -0.46%
American Express 89.71 red arrow -0.43%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Vertex Pharmaceuticals 103.88 green arrow 6.93%
Amazon 331.14 green arrow 1.96%
Microsoft 47.405 green arrow 1.53%
Amgen 143.90 green arrow 1.41%
Intuit 86.82 green arrow 1.37%
News 17.20 green arrow 1.06%
Google 594.00 green arrow 0.94%
Celgene 93.89 green arrow 0.84%
Starbucks 76.15 green arrow 0.57%
Gilead Sciences 106.26 green arrow 0.46%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Nii Hldgs Cl B 0.0736 red arrow -28.89%
Oracle 39.865 red arrow -4.07%
Illumina 171.995 red arrow -3.23%
Akamai Technologies 62.49 red arrow -2.88%
Yahoo 40.97 red arrow -2.74%
Micron Technology 31.62 red arrow -2.56%
Seagate Technology Plc Sh ... 58.41 red arrow -2.31%
F5 Networks 124.80 red arrow -2.26%
Mylan 47.41 red arrow -2.05%
Sandisk 101.25 red arrow -1.82%

Penny Stocks Up

Corinthian Colleges 0.1371 green arrow 26.24%
Delia's 0.2948 green arrow 24.18%
Camac Energy 0.5703 green arrow 22.65%
Metabolix 0.95 green arrow 15.85%
Gevo 0.3916 green arrow 11.85%

Penny Stocks Down

Nii Hldgs Cl B 0.0736 red arrow -28.89%
Zbb Energy Corporation 0.8305 red arrow -17.77%
Banro 0.1651 red arrow -17.45%
Ibio 0.63 red arrow -12.80%
Lucas Energy 0.5649 red arrow -11.71%

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