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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Alcoa 36.45 green arrow 9.20%
Caterpillar 104.55 green arrow 7.99%
Mcdonalds 141.63 green arrow 5.61%
Du Pont E I De Nemours 82.22 green arrow 3.25%
Bank Of America Corporati ... 23.99 green arrow 1.59%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Verizon Communications 46.73 red arrow -0.66%
General Electric 29.415 red arrow -0.52%
Coca Cola 43.095 red arrow -0.47%
International Business Ma ... 160.51 red arrow -0.22%
At&t 39.90 red arrow -0.16%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Nii Hldgs Cl B 1.065 green arrow 12.11%
Netflix 152.62 green arrow 6.13%
Life Technologies 3.25 green arrow 4.84%
Baidu Spon Adr Rep A 186.97 green arrow 3.82%
Ctrip Intl Ltd American D ... 49.11 green arrow 3.32%
Biogen Idec 286.78 green arrow 3.30%
Marvell Technology Group ... 15.505 green arrow 3.06%
Mattel 22.125 green arrow 2.41%
Ebay 32.805 green arrow 2.31%
Lam Research 145.71 green arrow 2.27%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Express Scripts 59.77 red arrow -11.06%
Sears Hldgs 11.29 red arrow -8.95%
Paccar 65.72 red arrow -2.98%
Teva Pharmaceutical Inds ... 30.83 red arrow -2.31%
O Reilly Automotive 263.89 red arrow -1.95%
Mylan 36.86 red arrow -1.54%
WHOLE FOODS MKT 36.08 red arrow -1.26%
Bed Bath & Beyond 39.37 red arrow -0.88%
Dentsply Intl 62.99 red arrow -0.55%
Staples 9.825 red arrow -0.51%

Penny Stocks Up

Falconstor Software 0.3623 green arrow 13.25%
Cobalt Intl Energy 0.4444 green arrow 12.19%
Cel-sci 0.112 green arrow 12.11%
Bank Of America Corporati ... 0.86 green arrow 8.86%
Rexahn Pharmaceuticals 0.448 green arrow 8.79%

Penny Stocks Down

Uni Pixel 0.65 red arrow -18.75%
Perfumania Hldgs 0.95 red arrow -13.64%
PRIMERO MNG 0.478 red arrow -10.45%
U S Energy Wyo 0.93 red arrow -7.00%
Neurometrix 0.57 red arrow -6.54%

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