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Yesterdays Market At A Glance

Dow Jones Stocks Up

Microsoft 47.875 green arrow 10.50%
Mcdonalds 98.67 green arrow 1.67%
Du Pont E I De Nemours 71.51 green arrow 0.99%
Wal Mart Stores 79.86 green arrow 0.82%
Johnson & Johnson 101.10 green arrow 0.64%

Dow Jones Stocks Down

Boeing 148.40 red arrow -0.97%
United Technologies 116.18 red arrow -0.92%
Goldman Sachs Group 198.02 red arrow -0.72%
Exxon Mobil 86.97 red arrow -0.69%
At&t 34.015 red arrow -0.63%

Nasdaq Stocks Up

Amazon 445.51 green arrow 14.20%
Microsoft 47.875 green arrow 10.50%
Starbucks 51.91 green arrow 4.88%
Mattel 30.20 green arrow 4.44%
Google 564.97 green arrow 3.18%
Mylan 75.94 green arrow 3.00%
WHOLE FOODS MKT 49.64 green arrow 2.77%
Celgene 118.72 green arrow 2.20%
Baidu Spon Adr Rep A 216.92 green arrow 2.16%
Yahoo 44.485 green arrow 1.75%

Nasdaq Stocks Down

Infosys Technologies Ltd ... 31.805 red arrow -8.93%
Biogen Idec 402.23 red arrow -6.57%
Maxim Integrated Prods 32.775 red arrow -5.79%
Verisign 65.02 red arrow -4.02%
Linear Technology 46.09 red arrow -2.93%
Altera 40.905 red arrow -2.77%
Stericycle 136.91 red arrow -2.60%
Microchip Technology 47.335 red arrow -2.52%
Cognizant Technology Solu ... 59.72 red arrow -2.50%
Alexion Pharmaceuticals 180.09 red arrow -2.42%

Penny Stocks Up

Cresud Sa Comercial Wt Ex ... 0.01 green arrow 25.00%
Molycorp 0.9799 green arrow 17.65%
Gravity Co Ltd Sponsored ... 0.54 green arrow 12.50%
SILVER BULL RES 0.11 green arrow 11.56%
Acorn Energy 0.4189 green arrow 10.18%

Penny Stocks Down

Stemcells 0.6101 red arrow -25.60%
Comstock Homebuilding 0.69 red arrow -16.87%
Minco Gold Corporation 0.2501 red arrow -13.49%
Authentidate Hldg 0.21 red arrow -12.50%
Freeseas Shs 0.0325 red arrow -9.47%

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