U.S. Stocks Drop Again, Europe Worries Still At Forefront

Gloom prevailed over U.S. stock markets as all of 3 benchmark indices finished lower. Increasing euro zone crisis compelled traders to sit on the fence.

The Travelers Companies. Inc. which rose by 1.2%. As compared to usual on Friday, the session was shorter last Friday. Trading closed at the New York Stock Exchange at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

Traders were anticipating that something will happen during the short term in Europe. They were afraid that regardless of holiday sales, a collapse in Europe will be disastrous.

S&P 500 Index dropped for the seventh consecutive day following a rise in yield for Italian government Treasury bills. The S&P 500 Index ended the day at 1,158.67 after falling by 0.27% or 3.12 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index dropped in line with other indices. At the end of the day it was at 2,441.51 after dropping by 0.8% or 18.57 points. At the New York Stock Exchange, 442 million shares were exchanged. Trading volume of NYSE Composite was 1.7 billion.

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