Mayer Utters Glittering Generalities About Yahoo’s Future

New CEO of troubled advertising fading giant Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) finally spoke to the public about her plan for how to move the company forward. Frankly, by all accounts, it sounds like this blog might be filled with more actual information than she gave out, beyond replacing the CFO.  According to Mayer Yahoo will focus on going mobile by 2015 and honestly it might as well be 2025 if this hasn’t been their plan before she came on board.

Being able to deliver corporate bromides in public is part of a CEO’s job, and that part Mayer definitely has down well enough to get some traders to bid the stock up, in after-hours trading, but that doesn’t mean that there is any real plan behind the bromides.  Companies like Yahoo and H-P were so dysfunctional before their latest CEO’s took over that even getting them back to competent would be to perform a minor miracle.  The problem is, however, technology is just too unforgiving for that to be good enough.  I know Mayer has a great track record of motivating people to get projects completed, but you have to know which projects to complete before you can set things in motion to fill in the Gantt chart.

The type of internet that Yahoo is selling is the internet of the last generation of user.  Yahoo is to news aggregation what the cable companies will be to content distribution in five years.  Mayer’s best bet would be to split off Yahoo! Finance into its own content producer in mobile form and fill a useful void left by its own vacuous syndication lists of headline spam created by Reuters, Bloomberg and UPI.

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