Looking Grim For Stocks On Import Price Data

Wall Street opened in the red Friday after its heaviest decline in eight months, facing a bearish bias that now seems firmly established. By late morning, the Dow managed to hang balanced, but the Nasdaq was still sinking further into negative territory.

In macroeconomic terms, the publication of import prices in the United States in decline could prompt the Federal Reserve to not raise interest rates too quickly, but the statistic is considered high compared to current concerns over the health of the German economy.

Added to this is a geopolitical context of the tense relations between the spread of the Ebola virus and the difficulties encountered by the international coalition to contain the jihadists of the Islamic state.

Tesla lost more than 6% yesterday after the presentation of its new models, including the ‘D’ extras such as an auto pilot.

DuPont fell back 0.1%, while Jefferies raised its recommendation on the title of ‘keep’ to ‘buy’ with a price target raised from 72 to 84 dollars.

IBM slightly outperformed the Dow after yet been introduced to ‘underperform’ by Jefferies.

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