HTC Unveils Latest Windows Phones

Troubled Taiwanese smart phone maker HTC released their latest offerings at an event in New York this morning.  What is significant about this event is that HTC is now all-in, similar to Nokia (NYSE:NOK), on Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Phone 8 platform.  HTC released the 8X and the 8S today.

The 8X is a real flagship phone meant to compete directly with the Lumia 920 from Nokia and the AiTV from Samsung.  For the first time in years Windows Phone has products available that are equivalent if not better in some respects than the latest iPhone from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) or running Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android.  The 8X is built around similar technology as the Lumia and AiTV, full specs can be found here. HTC decided to go with Nokia on building phones that were striking in appearance, utilizing colored back plates to complement the primary color scheme of Windows 8′s live tiles.

The 8S is the real winner for WP8 in my opinion as it is the first truly entry level phone running the new version of the OS.  The Lumia 820 is more of a mid-range phone and will likely carry a higher price tag than the 8S will.  This is something the platform truly needs to compete with the slew of choices available for Android at the low end.  When phones like the latest cheap phones from Kyocera are available from Virgin Mobile with no contract for $99 the upper end of the market has a lot of explaining to do from a value proposition perspective.

HTC also announced that the 8X would be available on AT&T,T-Mobile and Rogers in Canada.  The 8S is only confirmed for AT&T at this point.

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