HP Looks To Merge PC and Printing Departments

In a significant internal overhaul, the Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard Co (HPQ), Meg Whitman has plans to merge PC and printing departments to stimulate collective sales of hardware.

The move by the biggest technology company of the United States of America would result in stepping down of Vyomesh Joshi, chief of printing department and the combined unit will be headed by the present PC chief Todd Bradley. Meg Whitman is planning to reorganize the company so that customers may purchase two items together. He is also looking to reinvest savings thus created into research and development to make the company capable of meeting challenges of ever changing technology.

Recently the decades old company is in turmoil because of tough competition from mobile devices.

HPQ tried to enter into the mobile devices field earlier but its TouchPad failed miserably. For that reason, it has decided to give up production of tablets.

Analysts have got mixed reactions on HP’s moves. They are not clear about the benefits of merger of two divisions. Meg Whitman is considered as a shrewd man who moves at a fantastic speed to get problems solved.
In recent years HP has changed Chief Executive Officers twice.

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