GNC Guides higher, Stock Jumps After Hours

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of GNC’s (NYSE: GNC) trading debut at $16.60 per share last April 1st we were greeted this afternoon by even better guidance from a company that has put in a stunning performance already gifting shareholders with a near doubling of their money.  The stock closed today at $31.35 on very low volume trading in a tightening consolidation band between $31 and $33.50 per share since mid-February.   That is likely to change when trading opens tomorrow as the company had to revise guidance for the first quarter of 2012 up yet again after raising earnings estimates from $0.41 to $0.49 per share.

The stock popped in after-hours trading to $32.75 on the announcement.  Stores at least a year old have outperformed even last month’s expectations of growing 8 to 9 percent.  The company’s guidance on Monday stated that growth of these stores would be in the mid-teens.  No wonder the stock jumped after hours.

Given that kind of under-estimation one can pretty much throw out both the company’s previous guidance for 2012 of $1.82 per share and Wall St.’s $1.86 consensus.  From a trader’s perspective, though, the question will be whether a new high can be established and maintained above $33.50 especially if the markets do not get suitably dovish commentary from The Fed tomorrow.  All signals point to a great year for a company hitting all the right notes right now.



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