Dow Jones Holds Firm Despite Holiday

An extremly low amount of volatility for once, which fits with the context. Many operators were absent due to ‘Veteran’s Day’. If Wall Street was open, the bond markets were closed Tuesday, greatly limiting arbitrage opportunities.

But the holiday done nothing to stop the continually rising US indices with algorithmic precision that commands respect: + 0.01% on the Dow Jones which ended at 17.615.

The Dow entered a fifth consecutive record and an almost unequaled total of 7 highs in 8 sessions … and a record without any previous known 1780 in 18 sessions.

Dow Transportation left the limits of the solar system culminating in 9.104 intraday, up 373% since late February 2009 and 62% beyond end of April 2008.

Wall Street continued the perpetual upward trend that began Oct. 16th, apparently nothing can oppose, a bull algorithm seems to have been programmed to roll all opposition.

The Nasdaq benefited from the rise of a handful of stocks like Priceline (+ 4.2%), Tesla (+ 3.8%), Regeneron 3, 2%, Amazon + 2.3% (in the wake of Alibaba and its record sales of $ 9,3Mds for the ‘singles day’) and Apple with 0.8%.

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