Dow Jones Components with Highest Price to Earnings: Merck & Co, Kraft Foods and McDonald’s Corp

Price to earnings ratio shows the times a stock is trading as compared to its earnings per share. Lower price to earnings depicts high returns as compared to current market price while high price to earnings shows low returns as compared to market price. Following are the top three stocks in Dow Jones composition which are trading at high price to earnings:

Merck & Co Inc (NYSE:MRK) is trading at price to earnings of 23.51 times while its earnings per share stands at $1.46. The share price gained 0.44 percent in today’s session to close at $34.47 with traded volume of 14.31 million shares.

Kraft Foods Inc (NYSE:KFT) is trading at the price to earnings of 19.31 times. Its earnings per share stood at $1.83 as per last annual financial statements. Today, Kraft Foods advanced 0.42 percent to close at $35.48 with traded volume figure of 7.51 million shares.

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is trading at P/E ratio of 18.55 times while its earnings per share as per its last financial statements stood at $5.20. The stock slightly fell 0.02 percent to $94.60 with volume figure of 7.19 million shares for the day.

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