Apple Stock Price Hits Crazy Heights

Apple AAPL stock price touched $600.01 breaking all previous records as the new iPad is put on sale in 10 countries including Hong Kong, United States, Singapore, London, Paris, Munich and Canada. The stock price has surged by 45% during current year.

The new iPad is selling like hot cake as hundreds of people were seen at stores throughout Asia to buy the tablet computer. It has better camera and more powerful Central Processing Unit and screen.

Analysts expect that 65.6 million iPads will be sold by Apple which has sold 55 million iPads since 2010. It is expected that sale of tablet computers will grow to 326 million by the end of 2015. Among others, Motorola’s Xyboard and Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy are the Apple’s main competitors.

The company will not cease sale of iPad 2, however it has decreased its price by $100. The latest iPad from Apple features a Qualcomm wireless modem, a Qualcomm LTE cell phone chip and a semiconductor from Broadcom to handle wireless jobs like Bluetooth and Wifi.

As in earlier Apple devices, the iPad’s latest A5X application processor is developed by Britain’s ARM Holding’s technology and produced by Qualcomm.

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