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Google (GOOG), headquartered in Mountain View, Calfornia after being founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a Menlo Park garage in 1998, is an American multinational corporation which has revolutionized the use of the Internet starting with its superior search algorithm. Google now has under its dominant brand a wide array of Internet-based services and products, including search, e-mail, document processing, social media, cloud computing and advertising.

Google stock price went public in August, 2004 with the unofficial slogan of “Don’t be evil.” At an IPO price of $85 per share and more than 19 million shares in the pool, it was the biggest technology IPO in the history of U.S. markets, hitting the street with a $23 billion Market Cap. It has seen explosive growth since going public. Google’s stock is one of the bellwether technology stocks now along with Apple, Microsoft and Intel with a market cap of more than $180US billion. More than 95% of their revenue comes from their advertising systems.

Google is a leading innovator in leveraging the power of the internet. They have grown well beyond the core business of their search engine and Adwords to offer e-mail, online document processing, note-taking, Google Chrome web browser and recently, in 2011, the Google+ social network. As well they have acquired numerous other technologies and re-branded them under the Google banner: Google Earth, YouTube (for $1.65 billion), Google Voice (Formerly Grand Central for $50 million) are examples.\r\n \r\nIn August 2011, Google announced their intent to purchase Motorola Mobility Holdings as a mean by which to improve the company’s patent portfolio and give them a greater stake in the mobile computing device hardware supply chain.

Their current projects revolve around integrating all of their previously successful products, like Gmail, Google Voice, Google Talk (IM software) and online productivity software with their Chrome browser and extremely popular Android OS for mobile devices. It seems all of their current projects are geared towards the long-term integration of all of their technologies to provide a cohesive “Google way” of living.

Google currently employs more than 32,000 people and ranks consistently as one of the most desired places to work by young graduates entering the workforce.

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