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Chevron Corp (CVS) is a Northern California-headquartered American-based energy corporation that belongs to the group of supermajors dubbed Big Oil—the six energy companies each of which is referred to as International Oil Company (OIC). Chevron Corp is involved in the marketing, production, refining, and transport of oil and gas and geothermal energies. The companies sales exist on a multinational platform and are second only to ExxonMobil in terms of marketing, profits and revenue. Chevron gasoline is the exclusive fuel of choice used by General Motors and Toyota in the active testing of their automobiles.

In addition to gas [petrol] and oil, Chevron is involved in the research and development of alternative energy sources such as green alternatives, fuel cellsm, hydrogen fuel and photovoltaics — solar cells that enable the the generation of electricity directly from sunlight. Chevron's annual investment into research and development of biofuels is $300 million. Chevron Corp is also involved in a joint venture with Nation Renewable Energy Laboratory [NREL] of which the focus is the economical harvest and conversion of algae into biofuels.

Chevron Corp's original guise as Standard Oil of California was one of seven companies that led the oil cause early in the first part of the 1900s. Standard Oil of California also found the Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia; Ghawar is the single largest oil field on the planet. \r\n\r\nOn 18 January 2011, CVX stock, which maintains a consistent level, hit a 52-week High of $93.75. The difference is $26.55 from a 52-week Low of $66.83. Chevron Corp reported average earnings for the first, second and third quarters of 2010 at $4.576 billion, for a total of $13.73 billion. The fourth quarter average earnings is expected to exceed the third quarter. Also, the company has reflected a net income margin of 8.0% to 9.2%.

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