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Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO), a multinational corporations headquartered in San Jose, California, is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Specializing in networking and communications technology and services as well as consumer electronics, the company posted revenues of US$40 billion in fiscal 2010. Employing 65,000 people around the world, Cisco generates about half of its income from U.S. sales and the other half from its global operations.

Cisco's major sphere of influence is in communications networking, specifically applications requiring rapid transmission of Internet-based video, sound, data, and voice signals. The corporation's expertise in producing and selling routers, switching apparatus, and related technologies look certain to bolster its financial performance and the Cisco stock over the next several years as it establishes a wider base in emerging economies.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, computer operations staffers at Stanford University, the company acquired the expertise of Richard Troiano to form Cisco Systems in 1984. Its original products were multi-protocol routers, but as the Internet evolved and gained wider use, Cisco refocused on routers that handle IP packet delivery.\r\n\r\nThrough the canny acquisition of several smaller companies over the years, Cisco has gained a position of dominance in enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), home networking solutions, and LAN switching. With its acquisition of Linksys in 2003 and further partnering with Skype and Yahoo, Cisco stand poised to play a substantial role in the development and wider deployment of cordless and wireless telephony.

Even in the very challenging global economy of the past few years, Cisco has had and overall upward growth trend. In the third quarter of fiscal 2010, the company experienced a 27% increase in revenue over the same period a year earlier, posting some US$108 billion in market capital. Cisco (CSCO), traded on the NASDAQ board, was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2009 on its apparent market strength. With an eye turned toward capitalizing on the growth of the Chinese economy and barring any catastrophic cancellation of state governments' agreements, Cisco looks to be well-positioned in the marketplace, a good indicator of its stock price trends.

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