Samsung Wins Against Apple Blockade

Aussies will be able to buy Samsung Electronics’ tablet computer, the Galaxy Tab during this Christmas shopping season as South Korean electronics conglomerate won a legal battle against Apple which has blocked the item sale in Australia.

The Australian High Court turned down an appeal by Apple against violation of its patent rights. Samsung’s victory will boost its chances of solid footing in its legal battle against Apple in a lot of other countries all over the world including the United States of America.

Apple argues that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 replicates the iPad’s appearance and violates intellectual property rights. Even the packagings of Samsung’s recent items appear much like the iPad as well as iPhone, not to mention about the hardware and user interface.

Recently an appeal by Apple was denied on a number of Samsung’s tablets and mobile phones in the United States by a San Jose court. The South Korean electronics giant claimed that it’s much more confident that it can verify the uniqueness of its mobile items when the two organizations fight in court during next year.

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