Negotiations Continue For Greece And Providing Continuing Aid

On Wednesday, the European Union verified that negotiations would continue in Greece over providing continuing aid. This had the effect of making most world stock markets suffer losses, although Wall Street and Dow Jones stocks seemed set for gains.

This was just one in a series of financial headlines which have demonstrated just how precarious the markets are at the moment, although these headlines have not affected the Euro zone crisis.

There has been plenty of speculation that Greece and its economic crisis would receive help from the European Central bank, the IMF and EU, although the announcement also fueled speculation that Greece’s financial problems could be solved in other ways.

Andrea Williams, a fund manager with Royal London Asset Management pointed out that discussions about a European financial stability fund have helped the markets, although things are still uncertain.

World stocks showed a gain of 0.2 percent, while the pan-European FTS Euro first 300 showed a gain of 0.1 percent, after some volatile trading.Equity markets have showed gains over the past few sessions, largely becuase it is anticipated that officials in Europe will aggressively address the debt crisis in Greece and the other so-called peripheral economies. It is anticipated that the measure chosen will be one that will boost the Euro zone’s rescue fund (EFSF), worth around 440 billion Euros.

Although there are signs of a definite plan, this is by no means guaranteed and many analysts have pointed out that the the Dow Jones and other markets may simply be expecting results that are unrealistic.

There are signs of a disagreement in the currency bloc over the terms of a bailout for Greece, and one of these is opposition in Germany to an increase in the EFSF.

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