Investors Stay Away Before Fed News

The US Stock market was expected to open lower today, with investors cautious before the much anticipated monetary policy meeting of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

After thirty minutes of opening, the futures of the major U.S. indices incurred losses of around 0.2%, heralding the beginning of a session in the red. In a slight contrast to the stock market on Friday. The temptation to stay away will be great, before the Fed decision, scheduled for Wednesday.

Investors who agree that the predictions of a further reduction of asset purchases by the central bank is coming, will pay particular attention to any indications of an imminent rise in interest rates.

In view of the uncertainties in the Middle East and soaring oil prices, the Federal Reserve may, however, decide not to rush.

Published before the opening of markets, the ‘Empire State’ activity index stood at 19.3 this month, almost stable compared to May, while economists expected a decline of around 15.

The statistic has had limited impact on trade pre-market. Investors now await the results of industrial production, which will appear during the session.

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