H-P Frees WebOS to Go Open Source

It’s been quite the year at Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) with a failed foray into tablet computing, the TouchPad, and a changing of the guard at the top with new CEO Meg Whitman.  The failure of the TouchPad had left the future of WebOS, which H-P acquired when they bought Palm back in 2010.

After discontinuing sales of the TouchPad and selling them off at fire-sale prices, there was some doubt as to what would happen to WebOS in the future.  This morning Whitman revealed that WebOS would become an open-source project which will allow developers to do to the operating system what they want.

The forward plan is in its infancy as H-P has yet to define the open-source charter.  WebOS has been praised for its design and ability to multi-task.  If it is embraced by open-source developers this move by H-P could be a way to recoup the billions they have lost on the project so far.

Whitman also stated that H-P has not abandoned the tablet space and that WebOS will be a part of their future.  This move gives tablet manufacturers a competitor to Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android.  While both are open-source, H-P will be looking to final say on how a manufacturer’s implementation of WebOS operates, keeping platform confusion to a minimum, ala Redhat/Fedora according to a report from Mashable.com.

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