Global Stock Markets Reach Another High

On Monday, global stocks reached another high for a record seven weeks in a row. This was in large part due to the optimistic outlook of many European leaders in trying to resolve their current debt crisis. The Euro, on the other hand has decreased in its value against the American dollar. This occurred after retaining a high value for six weeks. This drop has some investors worried who had optimistic views from the earlier high value.

Some of Europe’s leaders have been in negotiations over how to restructure to gain leverage and rescue their funds. These negotiations on the stock market took place over the weekend with the decisions being deferred until Wednesday. Crude oil prices were up, while the American dollar did not fare well against the Japanese yen. This low left some investors looking for opportunities in the market with the Japanese currency.

The minister of finance spoke out about the foreign investing in Japan’s currency. There are plans to take actions for any speculative moves that might be in excess. Meanwhile, the German bonds rose in price, which also left investors with open plans during the European weekend summit. The European heads are trying to resolve the debt crises to help the market value of the Euro.

As the stock market today stands, everyone is waiting to see what news Wednesday brings in regards to what the Europeans plan to do.

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