Fed Meeting Minutes Send A Rocket Up The Markets A**

While many economists did not expect much from the “minutes” of the Fed, the summary of discussions at the last meeting caused a dramatic rebound. Erasing the losses of the previous day (and a little more).

The Dow surged from 7:45 p.m. up 235Pts straight to 17007 closing at 16994. This is the most powerful upmove of 2014 on a two hours timeframe and the largest increase of the year throughout the session (+ 1.64%).The Nasdaq soared 1.9%, a performance equal to that of the Russell-2000 where values ​​have fallen sharply since June, including ‘biotech’.

There were reported signals of a slowdown globally, and believes that the rise of the dollar should help to contain inflationary pressures (imports should be cheaper): ie ‘strong’ calls for an increase in rates later.

The “minutes” prompted Wall Street that if rates should go up, it will very gradually, and they may not exceed 2% by 2017 while the market was expecting more towards 3%.

It’s still strange that the “minutes” have addressed issues central to current concerns, and Janet Yellen has not said a word during the press conference.

Shortly after closing, the results of Alcoa (first quarter) emerged at the top of the charts with profits of 31 cents a share (against 11 cents and 22 cents expected) and a turnover up 8.2% to $6,24 against 5,85 anticipated.

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