Apple Poised To Post Results As Markets Seem Mixed

Wall Street is expected to open on a mixed note Tuesday morning in a face of prudent atmosphere to a first wave of corporate results.

Half an hour from opening, the futures contract on the S&P 500 yields 0.1%, but the Nasdaq 100 Future takes 0.1%.

Dozens of companies, including several Dow components, will deliver their results in the coming days and investors are hoping for good news on the US economy.

Apple will present its quarterly results tonight after the close and investors will be particularly attentive to the sales of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

The action was the subject of strong trading volumes yesterday and closed up 1.9% to 132.1 dollars.

Technical analysts say target threshold of 133.6 and 134.5 dollars for good results.

This morning United Technologies posted mixed quarterly, with Adjusted EPS above expectations, but accompanied by disappointing earnings and a downward revision of its annual targets.

Verizon announced an increase in quarterly profit in favor of a growth in sales, particularly in the mobile business.

Travelers unveiled significantly better than expected earnings in its second quarter, mainly due to a reduction in disaster losses yoy, despite a stagnation of its net premiums written.

Yesterday, IBM had reported its 13th consecutive quarter of declining sales.

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