Apple Nominates New Board Chairman

The position of chairman of Apple vacated due to demise of Steve Jobs will be filled by Arthur Levinson who is currently working as the board’s co-director. A former close personal friend of Steve Jobs as well as Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger was appointed by the company as a member of the board.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has highly appreciated admired the contributions to Apple by Arthur Levinson ever since he joined the board during 2000. Arthur Levinson is the company’s longest-serving director. Additionally he is a board member of Roche and chairman of drug producer Genentech.

Arthur Levinson said in a statement that he was very proud to be a part of Apple since the Company is always concentrated on out-innovating itself by way of the delivery of truly inventive items which improve and simplify our lives. Bob Iger said in a statement he was very much pleased to join the board of such a great organization. He was confident about management team’s vision and leadership to ensure Apple’s constant success as well as momentum. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook expressed hope that Bob Iger will be a great asset for Apple’s leadership team.

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