Apple May Try for Rights of English Premier League Soccer

According to an analyst, two Apple developments are worth to note: One a clue at something innovative, the other is a comeback to business as usual. Apple is expected to report an exceptional quarter result due on 24th. Apple bulls would be surprised by the phenomenal earnings which would have been impossible to imagine six months ago.

Apple’s announcement is predicted to be dominated by reports regarding iPhones, IPads and iPods. The company is expected to extend its operation in the television field. It is intending to bid for TV transmission rights for one of the most popular and profitable soccer leagues all over the world.

The ramifications of Apple having legal rights to distribute English Premier League to the English speaking audience do not appear to be fully realized by the conventional press.

Apple which is now trading near its highest level will report earnings on January on January 24 after the closing of the business. Until then share price of Apple is expected to go up. What are you thinking? Selling Apple at its all-time high or loading up to join the bandwagon?

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