Apple High Expectations

Once again, Apple, Inc. has high expectations after massive iPhone sales levels materialized. Despite this phenomenal success, Wall Street’s overriding consensus is that the biggest technology firm on the planet has yet another “red flag” quarter in store. Concerned investors who are fretting over reduced consumer spending, dark economic forecasts, and Google’s prolific Android mobile app were recently reassured after more than 4,000,000 Apple iPhone 4S units sold in just three days. This represents more than twice is prior sales record. All this occurred despite lackluster projections.

Apple stockholders have had good cause for concern ever since Steve Jobs stepped down last August. On October 5 of this year, the firm – like the world – lost a legendary visionary and the firm’s cofounder when Jobs died. Many analysts have posited that the immediate shockwaves set off by Jobs’ death presented a very limited window of opportunity for competitors like Google and Samsung – its primary partner in Android apps – to move in.

But the biggest high-tech company in the world (based upon aggregate market value) is slated for a very positive turnaround. Publishing of its iPad and IPhone for 2011 third-quarter sales results are expected to fuel the fires of upward mobility for Apple stock price gains.

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