Apple Eyes TV Device

The world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc is planning to introduce revolutionary iTV. Chief Executive Tim Cook said that Apple desired to assemble items within United States rather than in China and have more American parts including semiconductors.

The world’s most valuable technology company has been criticized for depending heavily on low-cost Asian producers in order to assemble its items and for being the reason of the contraction of the American manufacturing sector.

Executives and Industry insiders say that the iPad and iPhone maker might disclose a TV-based device during late 2012 or early 2013 which has got the capability to revolutionize the comfy television content as well as distribution industry exactly in the same way the iPhone and iPod disrupted mobile and music content, however the 51-year old Cook declined to comment on that matter. But he said that this area is of great interest for Apple. The company is already selling Apple TV which streams Netflix in addition to other content.

For its devices, Apple has been in discussions with content firms. Talks began earlier this year to stream films of EPIX that is backed by 3 three main movie studios.

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