Crude Oil Price Chart

Here is our real time Crude Oil price chart complete with indicators and trend lines for technical analysis. Commonly known as WTI or CL on the futures exchanges, this Crude Oil price chart will update live as new data is received from the data source.

A volatile instrument to trade, but an asset that many people can understand. Crude Oil prices are tracked by businesses, exporters and retail traders who look to profit from short term moves in prices, or hedge against long term fluctuations to protect their business or investment from global economic conditions.

The price is generally controlled by supply and demand, and is mostly influenced by the producers of OPEC who regularly cut and increase production to stabilize the prices. In recent years crude oil prices have been as high as $100+ and down to lows of $30. The wild swings on the chart is what attracts many traders to it.

Useful Crude Oil Links

OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, with main influence being Middle Easy nations such as Saudi Arabia.

ICE Energy Futures is where most the trading in Crude Oil price happens. One of the main futures exchanges for energy markets.

Oil Price History Chart at MacroTrends gives you a full view of the history of Crude Oil price, dating back several decades.