Copper Price Chart

See today’s movements on the futures market with our Copper price chart. Get started with indicators for technical analysis and see how Copper is performing in real time.

This base metal is widely recognized as a leading indicator into the financial health of the economy due to it’s widespread use. It’s used in home, buildings, electronics and power generation. If the copper price is moving up it usually means demand is high, and the economy must be growing due to being used in many industries. If Copper price is moving down or slowing slightly, there could be a downturn happening or on the horizon.

Using a Copper price chart to determine economy state is not something to use as a standalone indicator. For example, price can rise due to a shortage of supply and other factors. Use with discretion, and only as a rough guide alongside your other research.

Trading Copper is often done by using Futures contracts at one of the larger metal exchanges. CME Group provides access to Copper futures prices, and in Europe, most business is done at the London Metal Exchange.

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